Dr. Reba is a naturopathic doctor and movement specialist. With 20 plus years of wellness practice she is passionate about assisting patients to make small changes with big impacts. She is naturally a compassionate listener and caring individual.

Dr. Reba Specializes In:

  • Women’s Health – PMS, menopause, irregular bleeding, thyroid disorders,PCOS, bio-identical hormone replacement, fatigue, insomnia
  • Physical medicine – reducing pain, restoring function, improving movement
  • Weight management
  • Functional movement and strength training

I am happy to share that I will be transferring my practice to Reconstructed Wellness.

At Reconstructed Wellness I will continue to offer naturopathic care and my practice will continue to focus on women’s health, musculoskeletal rehabilitation and functional movement. As always I will continue to work in conjunction with your current health care team.

I am excited to incorporate new treatments in a larger facility. Please see our website, reconstructedwellness.com, for information about the additional services including a teaching gym, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, red light and near-infrared therapy, and more.

Reconstructed Wellness is located in SE Portland on the corner of SE Ankeny and 10th Avenue. Our location is easy to access via foot, bike, or public transport. We will also have a parking lot exclusively for patients.

To schedule please see the scheduling page on our website or give our office a call at 503.232.3215.