Dr Reba

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Dr. Reba Akin, Naturopathic Doctor and Movement Specialist, has been active in wellness for nearly 20 years.

Dr. Akin practices by treating the whole person and the cause of disease. She has deep understanding and great compassion for the challenges of behavior change. She is skilled at helping her patients find accessible ways to change their lives for better health.

Her unique practice focuses in two main areas: musculoskeletal pain and women’s health. These two areas of concentration are diverse, yet there is considerable interconnection. Dr. Akin finds that her patients often benefit greatly from her expertise in both.

Dr. Akin uses a holistic approach to diagnosing and treating the cause of muscle and joint pain. Using a functional movement assessment, soft tissue therapies, dry needling, manipulation, corrective exercises, strength training and nutrition, she assists patients to move effectively, efficiently and with less pain.  Her therapies work solely or in conjunction with chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and physical therapy.

In addition, Dr. Akin has a great passion for treating women’s health.  She treats all women’s health concerns including  hormonal imbalance, thyroid disorders, fatigue, insomnia, PMS, peri-menopause, and menopause.

When finding and treating the cause of a dysfunction she includes clinical and laboratory diagnostic testing, bio-identical hormones, nutritional counseling, botanical medicine, physical medicine, exercise and prescription medication as needed. In addition to her extensive clinical experience, she is a compassionate listener and caring individual, both important qualities for her patients’ success in healing.

Education and Experience

University of Colorado, class of 1995 BA Environmental Conservation

National University of Natural Medicine class of 2004 Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine

National Academy of Sports Medicine 2014

Evidence Based Fitness Academy, 2014

Functional Movement Systems 2016

American Academy of Spinal Manipulation 2018

Brookbush Institute Human Movement Science  – Human Movement Specialist 2018-19

Institute of Women’s Health and Integrative Medicine 2004-2018